Discover the history of La Ferme d’Angèle…

La Ferme d’Angèle dates from 1830.

The stone walls, slate roof and wooden balcony at La Ferme d’Angèle seem to take us back in time.

This mountain farm house is certainly one of the most beautiful of it’s kind in the Savoyard region.

The legends say… If La Ferme d’Angèle had a soul, it would certainly be that of “Angèle”… a lady who lived there all her life.

At the time the people in the village considered her to be half fairy, half witch.

She was an fascinating character who turned out to have an exceptional background and personality.

Valérie believes that Angèle left “positive energy” behind her in the house which now leaves a one with a real feeling of well-being…

It is true that from the moment you walk in, you feel at home !!!

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